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Here's How YOU Can Tap Into SECRET Writing Markets
NEW guide from best-selling author Nick Daws unveils all...

- United Kingdom

Need a method of turning your writing talents into COLD, HARD CASH... QUICKLY?

If so, then I guarantee that this will be the most important letter you've read this year.  It'll mean the beginning of an entire new chapter in your life... a chapter where you live the dream of a successful, published writer.

And this is a GUARANTEE.  So please, read on and treat this letter seriously.

You see, the problem with writing is that it can be a very LONG process.  If you're a perfectionist, or lead a busy life, you might just find writing a book a little too daunting.  Or if you're already writing a book, you'll know that it can take MONTHS before you actually see the result: COLD, HARD CASH.

But what if you could get PUBLISHED and earn QUICK CASH... TODAY?

NO hours of slogging over a keyboard.  NO waiting for quarterly commission checks.  NO deadlines.

Just write... get published... GET CASH.

And the best news?  This is all possible, right now... TODAY.  You don't need any experience and you can start earning CASH almost instantly -- once you discover the niche industries that are CRYING OUT for people like you to write for them.

The great thing is that the VAST MAJORITY of writers have NO IDEA about these little-known writing markets.  Only a handful of writers are truly aware of the potential... and are earning a fantastic income by tapping out words on their home computer.  You can join them, working just five minutes a day.

The industry needs YOU.  Are you going to let your chance to become a published writer pass by?

Nick Daws is the author of over 70 best-selling books.  He wrote the hugely popular "Write Any Book in 28 Days!" course and knows the writing industry better than anybody else.

He knows the secrets, he knows the tricks...
He knows the PEOPLE you need to know.

And in his latest course, Quick Cash Writing, Nick wants to personally show you EVERYTHING you need to make a GREAT living as a freelance writer.

Nick blasts open the doors of hidden writing markets that will pay COLD, HARD CASH to print your words.  He covers every method of writing for easy money: From product reviews to filler articles, from greeting cards to slogan writing, from readers' letters to photography, from short stories to comedy sketches, from TV game ideas to crosswords, brainteasers to movie pitches...

Yes, MOVIE PITCHES.  Your name could be on the next blockbuster by simply writing THREE LINES ... Nick shows you how. And he talks from experience.


These jobs require almost ZERO effort, and will put you on the writing fast-track for quick CASH!

Over twelve jam-packed modules, Nick's course takes you from the basics through to more and more EXCITING writing jobs. And you don't need ANY experience to get started... if you can string a sentence together, and you have the Quick Cash Writing course, you're READY to GET PUBLISHED.

Let's discover what you'll learn when you let Nick show you how to earn QUICK CASH WRITING...

Nick Daws uncovers dozens of secret writing markets in his course, explaining EXACTLY how you can exploit them for MAXIMUM RETURN.  The goal is on making the most cash with the least amount of effort.


In fact, some of his techniques are so easy, you'll probably feel GUILTY accepting your paycheck.  Some of his ideas are so shockingly SIMPLE that you'll really wonder why no-one ever told you about these hidden markets before.  And some of his suggestions literally WORK THEMSELVES... you really don't need to do ANY work .  Just collect the cash and call yourself a writer.

Nick begins the course looking at writing in general, and exposes how you can get started in the understated world of fillers and readers' letters. It's EASY MONEY for a tiny amount of work. And Nick will unveil ALL the insider secrets NO-ONE ELSE wants to tell you.

In the FIRST THREE MODULES, Nick will show you:

bullet TEN GREAT WAYS to find more time to write – even with the most hectic lifestyle!
(Module 1, page 3)
bullet How to set yourself writing targets – and ACHIEVE them!  (1/7)
bullet The PROS and CONS of using a pen-name  (1/8)
bullet Why every quick cash writer should have readers’ letters in his or her portfolio  (2/1)
bullet The SIX TYPES of readers’ letter, and how to write each of them for profit  (2/4)
bullet NINE TOP TIPS to ensure that YOUR letter is chosen for publication!  (2/9)
bullet FIFTEEN GREAT METHODS for generating ideas for saleable letters  (2/11)
bullet Yet another INEXHAUSTIBLE source of ideas for readers’ letters.
Use this, and you’ll NEVER struggle for something to write about again!  (2/12)
bullet What fillers are, and WHY you should write them  (3/1)
bullet What is the BEST FILLER MARKET OF ALL – paying up to $7,500 per 1,000 words
– and uses hundreds of fillers submitted by freelancers in every issue!  (3/1)
bullet SEVEN TOP TIPS for writing and selling fillers to another special, worldwide market  (3/5)
bullet Dozens of other GREAT filler markets you can write for IMMEDIATELY  (3/8)


"After starting three novels and never finishing, I can't believe what I've discovered.  In the few hours I spent writing, I completed FIVE fillers -- and have confirmation that two of these will be published in Bella next week! You've made my dream come true, Nick.  God Bless you!"
-- "VP", Plymouth, Devon, UK

"Very impressed with the course content and depth. Wow!
Really looking forward to putting all of this great information into action!"
Geraldine Hartman, Canada, www.notjustforveg.com

Think that's ALL?

Absolutely NO WAY.  Nick Daws exposes literally DOZENS of hidden writing markets out for the taking...

... and it all keeps getting MUCH BETTER.

It doesn't matter whether you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or Canada, there are SECRET writing markets out there that are simply BEGGING for people like you to write for them.  And all it takes it a FEW MINUTES EACH DAY.

Nick's course moves on from simple letters and fillers to explore EXACTLY how to exploit the greetings card, slogan and photography markets... allowing you to earn BIG MONEY with minimum effort.

In modules FOUR to SIX, you'll discover:

bullet The THREE main areas of opportunity in the greeting card industry
– and which one offers the BEST potential returns for quick cash writers  (4/1)
bullet How to GENERATE IDEAS for humorous greeting cards – how to write them
– and how to submit them  (4/6)
bullet Two organizations – one in the US, one in the UK – EVERY greeting card writer should
know about  (4/10)
bullet How quick cash writers can CLEAN UP writing ‘tie-breaker’ slogans for consumer contests  (5/1)
--- This one is a REAL BEAUTY!!
bullet NINE KEY FEATURES of prize-winning slogans.  If your slogan ticks all these boxes, you should be well on your way to a BIG cash prize or dream holiday!  (5/4)
bullet TWO POWERFUL TECHNIQUES you can use to generate winning slogans for any contest  (5/6)
bullet FOUR MUST-SEE WEB SITES about consumer contests every quick cash writer should have on his/her Favorites list – including one little-known UK site that virtually writes your slogan for you!  (5/11)
bullet Why ALL quick cash writers should carry a camera with them  (6/1)
bullet Discover the BEST sort of camera to use for quick cash writing and photography  (6/1)
bullet TEN TOP TIPS on taking ‘quick cash’ photos – even if you’ve never held a camera before!  (6/3)
bullet The VERY BEST opportunity for quick cash photographers to MAKE BIG MONEY   (6/5)
bullet The ‘INSIDE TRACK’ on digital photos – what publishers and editors want, and how should you submit them – including a ‘must-read’ list of Dos and Don’ts  (6/7)
bullet How to write CAPTIONS for photographs – and multiply their saleability many times over!  (6/8)
bullet How, with the aid of an uninhibited assistant, a friend of the author set up an unlikely photo opportunity at his local supermarket – and SOLD the pictures for $$$$s to a national tabloid newspaper!  (6/10)
bullet FIVE BRILLIANT WEB SITES packed with all the advice and information you could ever need to earn a great sideline income from PHOTOGRAPHY  (6/13)


"I never had any idea this could be so easy.  Stop sharing your secrets, I don't want anyone else to know how to do this!  Mr Daws, you are a genius.  Last week I won a case of champagne for one line of writing when using one of your 'Chestnuts.'  Really very much impressed"
-- Customer Carrie Rocha, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

So you want to be a REAL WRITER?

Let Nick Daws unveil the secrets that'll enable you to show off your writing talent... and STILL make BIG money, working just a few minutes each day.

Read on as Nick Daws gives you the complete inside scoop on writing magazine reviews, newspaper articles, short stories and even COMEDY... and shows you how to do it the EASY WAY to GUARANTEE you'll get published AND earn great money, with absolute MINIMUM effort!

You'll be awe-inspired in modules SEVEN to NINE, as Nick shows you:

bullet The THREE KEY REQUIREMENTS for writing a saleable article – fail to meet any of these and your article will go straight in the editor’s ‘round file’  (7/1)
bullet How to write a query letter and outline – and why you should always do this BEFORE EVEN WRITING your article  (7/3)
bullet HOW TO INTERVIEW SOMEONE for an article – and THREE different ways you can report on what your subject said. HINT: Combining these three methods is the key to producing a saleable, interview-based article  (7/4)
bullet How to offset your holiday costs, and even GET FREE TRIPS ABROAD, writing freelance travel articles  (7/6)
bullet One key thing you MUST include to give your travel article the very best chance of publication  (7/7)
bullet A travel-book publisher looking for freelance travel writers... RIGHT NOW!  (7/7)
bullet How to make a GREAT SIDELINE INCOME writing reviews of anything and everything!!  (7/11)
bullet A LITTLE-KNOWN but HIGH-PAYING MARKET which offers article writers the opportunity to cash in on their expertise – month in, month out!  (7/13)
bullet SEVEN GREAT TECHNIQUES for generating ideas for articles  (7/15)
bullet How to write SHORT STORIES for CASH – and the ONE type of story in great demand right now  (8/1)
bullet The FIVE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS of a saleable short story  (8/2)
bullet SEVEN SECRETS of writing short story dialog – and making it sound life-like!  (8/5)
bullet How to make UP TO $10,000 (or more) entering and winning short story contests  (8/12)
bullet The KEY DIFFERENCE between a successful magazine short story and a contest story – unless you understand this, you may as well throw away your entry fee!  (8/13)
bullet TWELVE GREAT METHODS for coming up with short story ideas.  Never be left scratching your head wondering what to write about again!  (8/14)
bullet How you can turn your sense of humor into a STEADY STREAM of PAYCHECKS!  (9/1)
bullet SEVEN TYPES of JOKE – and how to write them  (9/1)
bullet How to SELL JOKES to comedians  (9/4)
bullet SECRETS of writing comedy sketches for TV and radio  (9/6)
bullet An UNUSUAL OUTLET for your comedy writing – how to sell your ideas to cartoonists!  (9/11)
bullet HOW to produce your own CARTOONS – anyone can do it if you just follow these simple instructions!  (9/12)


"Great news!  I've had a number of my comedy sketches accepted for production for a new [major radio station] comedy series, plus had a short story mystery published in [a women's magazine] last week.  This was probably the best investment I ever made, you've already made me one of the happiest women on the planet, Nick -- I'm envious of your wife!"
-- Customer Angela Stafford, from Buckingham Gate, London, UK

"Hi Nick! Just want to say I bought your 'Quick Cash Writing' guide, and I just made my first 50 US dollars today. Living in South Africa that's a lot more than just a 50. It's really a great book. Thanks for everything!"
-- user "Joe Mynhardt" at myWritersCircle.com

If you think that's enough to keep you busy, you'd better RETHINK.

With over 100,000 words, the Quick Cash Writing course is Nick's largest EVER delve into the writing industry.  He exposes brand new markets that most writing courses SIMPLY HAVEN'T YET DISCOVERED.

Just read on to learn a few of the extra SECRETS Nick unveils, demonstrating how you can earn OUTRAGEOUS MONEY by designing anything from crossword puzzles to television shows.  Plus, he'll tell you how you can submit a simple idea to Hollywood -- and earn THOUSANDS in royalties and get your name in the credits of the next blockbuster film!

Nick gives you the MARKETS and the CONTACTS that NOBODY ELSE wants to share!

Just read modules TEN and ELEVEN to discover:

bullet How you can WRITE CROSSWORD PUZZLES for money  (10/1)
bullet The EIGHT "RULES" of crossword writing.  Break any of these and no-one will want to buy your puzzle!  (10/2)
bullet SIX great computer programs you can obtain to help create saleable puzzles – including one that is absolutely FREE!  (10/3)
bullet How to write clues for simple and cryptic crosswords.  Once you’ve studied this, you will be ready and able to create clues for any type of puzzle – even if you’ve never solved a crossword before in your life!  (10/5)
bullet A unique FIVE-STEP STRATEGY for breaking into the puzzle writing market  (10/14)
bullet How to make money WRITING QUESTIONS for TV and radio quiz shows and quiz books  (10/15)
bullet How you can boost your quick cash earnings to stratospheric levels by SELLING IDEAS for TV SHOWS and MOVIES  (11/1)
bullet SEVEN TIPS for creating and selling a TV quiz show idea – could your idea be the next ‘Millionaire’?!  (11/3)
bullet Another type of TV show for which the networks are DESPERATE for good ideas – and a Web site where you can submit your own idea for FREE and win $50,000 if it's accepted and made into a broadcast show  (11/5 and 11/7)
bullet How to generate MOVIE IDEAS and sell them to HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to write the screenplay – just a three-line idea could earn you $5,000 to $50,000!  (11/9)
bullet The TWO-WORD KEY to whether your movie idea may be saleable  (11/10)
bullet The BEST and WORST genres for selling movie ideas  (11/10)
bullet FIVE TIPS for generating saleable movie ideas.  Apply any of these and it could be YOUR name on the credits of the next Hollywood blockbuster!  (11/12)
bullet A Web site where you can SUBMIT any number of MOVIE IDEAS for a modest one-time fee and get them pitched on your behalf to Hollywood producers  (11/13)


"Please use this as a testimonial, Mr Daws.  Your tips and contacts list are great.  I typed up a number of ideas one evening and submitted to a few production companies.  I've actually received two follow-up replies.  I'm ecstatic!!  I can tell I'm on the verge of something big, thanks to you!!"
-- Customer George Piatt, from Dunbar, WV, USA

And if you thought all of that was good enough, you're in for a treat...

... As Nick Daws takes your writing career to the NEXT LEVEL.

He'll show you how to make even MORE money and gain BIG TIME EXPOSURE for your writing talent.  There are a whole bundle of BONUS markets you can exploit to make cash, FAST... all working from the comfort of your own home.

Just pull up your chair as Nick provides EXACT instructions on:

bullet A HUGE potential market for quick cash writers – in your own back yard!  (12/1)
bullet How to write advertisements and news releases for $$$$$  (12/2)
bullet Longer writing projects you SHOULD consider – NOVELS, non-fiction books and movie screenplays  (12/6)
bullet SECRETS of making money by writing for the INTERNET  (12/10)
bullet The THREE KEY WAYS Web-based publications differ from printed ones – and why understanding this is CRUCIAL for writers seeking to make money writing for the Net  (12/10)
bullet A Web site which is CONSTANTLY seeking home-based writers and editors across the world, and pays a monthly fee plus commission.  No special technical skills required!  (12/11)
bullet Seven great Web sites cram-packed with market information for writers – all of it ABSOLUTELY FREE!  (12/13)
bullet Secrets of selling your work overseas – no matter where in the world you happen to live!  (12/13)
bullet TEN TOP TIPS for building your writing career, and ensuring that your ‘quick cash’ income goes on increasing, month after month, year after year  (12/15)

"Quick Cash Writing" is Nick's most REVEALING work ever.  He promises to turn you into a published writer, earning BIG money, just by following a few simple steps...

... And it only takes a few minutes each day.  ANYONE can do it!


"I've really started to use some of the tricks you share.  Wow, I never realized there was so much I didn't know.  Your book is crammed with information, literally stuffed with little-known tricks.  I don't know how I survived before this and I want you to use my words as a testimonial... please!"
-- Customer Steve Grace, from Bowie, Maryland, USA

"I bought this course after reading Nick's 28 days book.  And it's great -- Nick has jammed it with insider information that helps you make real cash, real quick.  I've already been paid for three pieces of work using his techniques.  Powerful -- I cannot wait to buy the next course -- thank you, Nick!"
-- Customer Bruce Waller, actpoet1@*****.com

Make the decision to become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR right now...

... Working just a COUPLE of MINUTES each day!

This is one HUGE collection of secret markets, all TOTALLY EXPOSED in one exciting course from best-selling author Nick Daws.  He'll take you by the hand and personally show you how to exploit EACH market, step-by-step.

Nick will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know.  From writing reviews to getting your stories pitch to Hollywood, you'll learn it ALL. Plus you'll get the FULL support of our writing team at myHelpHub.com.

And all for JUST $39.95.  NO gimmicks, NO tricks.  Just one LOW PRICE.

* * *

PLUS... Here's our special offer!!

When you buy BEFORE midnight, , you'll also receive the following FREE BONUS GIFTS:


Here's your ONLY CHANCE to own Nick's personal worldwide directory of magazines and newspapers. Each publication accepts the articles and filler items that Nick SHOWS you how to write! His directory includes OVER 150 PUBLICATIONS from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, all accompanied by Nick's PRIVATE contacts and notes!


We're also sending all NEW customers the FULL version of the Nick Daws Mini-Inspiratron.  This is the EXCLUSIVE inspiration-providing tool designed exclusively for the Quick Cash Writing course.  Just click the button to generate ideas automatically!


Want more?  We're giving away TEN FREE software tools to ALL readers of the Quick Cash Writing course!  When you purchase TODAY, you'll receive software to speed up your writing, record your ideas, generate plots, boost your productivity, rocket your creativity, and MUCH more.  And it's all FREE to you!

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In order to ensure EXCLUSIVITY, and in accordance with instructions from Nick Daws, we're only releasing 1000 copies of the Quick Cash Writing course.  So if you want YOUR copy, with ALL the freebies, then you ABSOLUTELY need to purchase BEFORE midnight !

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Nick promises you'll earn at least THIRTY TIMES the amount you paid for the course within three months -- or YOUR MONEY BACK!

There's NO small print and NO tricks.  We 100% GUARANTEE your success!
See our FAQ page for full details of our total guarantee.

Want to get started... RIGHT NOW?  You absolutely CANNOT LOSE when you learn with Nick Daws.

Once again, here's what you'll get when you click to buy TODAY:

   The FULL 185-page Quick Cash Writing course, by Nick Daws
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I hope you decided to discover the Quick Cash Writing course, or at the very least subscribe to the free mini-course offered near the top of this page.

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Dan Strauss, Director
QuickCashWriting.com, Self Development Network

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PPPS. If you haven't yet discovered the magic of Nick Daws, check out his best-selling course "How to Write a Book in 28 Days - Or Less!"  If you're considering writing your first book, you'll be AMAZED at how easily it can all fall together. Check out Nick's amazing testimonials - then decide whether you want to give Quick Cash Writing a go!